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Event filmning with a7s and CAME 7800

This is a couple of shots from an event I filmed a week ago. Using the Sony a7s mounted on the CAME 7800 both with Zeiss 55 1,8 and Zeiss 16-35 4. I’m using autofocus on almost all of these shots and I think the camera doing a pretty good job.



Treyflips in the field < — New Video

Last evening it was a pretty nice sunset and I just wanted to film something. I called Lelle Heikkinen and asked him if he could come and do some treyflips on a road in the middle of two fields. He came and was stoked and this is what we filmed.

FS7 mounted on DJI Ronin with 16mm Sony pancake lens. Slog3, Graded wit Film Convert.



Streetlab welcomes Casper Söderström and Filip Ed – New Video

I’ve been filming Casper Söderström and Filip Ed for two days in Falun, Dalarna. And today I’ve put their welcome edit together and they now officially riding for

Filmed with Sony FS7 and my brand new DJI Ronin. First time I used the combo yesterday and it worked pretty well, have to fine tune some things, but overall I’m super happy with it.



Leila K och Rob N Raz comeback video from Fotografiska

Aftonbladet posted a short video I filmed of the comeback of Leila K and Rob N Raz, at Fotografiska two weeks ago. LEILA K ON THE MIC!


Malmö, Copenhagen, Enköping and Örebro

It has been a really busy week with missions i Malmö, Copenhagen, Enköping and Örebro. I like travelling (as long as there is by train or car) so I have enjoyed this week. Started in Malmö, filming for Pågen and their new crust ”Emma”, went over to Copenhagen for two days of fiming for Adidas Skateboarding together with Robin ”Boon” Nilssen and Gunes Özdogan. A super nice mission with a lot of nice shoots captured. After the days in Copenhagen I went back home to Stockholm and filmed ome aeirals for Bredbansbolaget outside Enköping with Simon Hastegård. The first time I flew the Inspire 1 in really windy conditions, it was’nt easy, but it worked and the footage looks pretty decent, so I’m happy. Yesterday I went to Örebro to film one more stop of the City by City tour by Bredbandsbolaget. A super sunny and warm spring day, with a lot of visitors and good wibes for filming. Tomorrow it’s a new week, with new missions. Follow me on instagram for more, faster updates and short video clips from what I’m doing.