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Went out with my FS7 and a friend to film some 150fps shots while he was skating. The mini ramp we found had seen better days but still we tried to film a little. The sunset was pretty cool so so we had really good lighting throughout the evening.

Riding: Simon Ax


Short video for BRING

Here’s a video I filmed and edited for BRING right before christmas last year. It’s about their new and fast store deliveries, wich works so that you leave your bought things in the store and then you get them delivered home the same evening.


A hectic week has come to its end

Last week was a little bit hectic with filming every day for different clients and projects. But of course, it was a lot of fun to! Spent almost the whole sunday in front of the editing screen. This week me and Simon are going to put down some hours and train with the DJI Inspire 1, looking forward to that!

Here are some pictures from Malmö, Uppsala and Stockholm, the three places i filmed on last week.


PÅSKSÄL – New edit from Raketserien

This easter I went to Sälen with the old Raketserien crew. We have’nt released a video in over two years but here is our new edit. PÅSKSÄL. Filmed during a maxiumum of five hours on the A7s in 100fps mode.

Kristoffer Hultgren
David Bjermo
Mikael Sandy
Jonas Carlson
Simon Ax

BADSNAKES – Puch Dakota