Monthly Archives: mars 2015


City by City – Event filming in Kalmar

I ended this week with one day of filming at Länsförsäkringar here in Stockholm and then traveled to Kalmar in Småland to shoot the City by City event for Bredbandsbolaget and Knut Kommunikation. It was two different missions, but both were fun. I used my FS7 as the main camera on booth shoots and I had the a7s mounted on the Came 7800. Works perfect and both have the LOG profile so it’s easy to cut them together in post later. Next week it’s easter vacation and I’m going to Sälen with the old Raketserien crew to make an absolutely epic snowboarding edit. Looking forward to that!


Inspired by the Inspire1

Just been out flying the Inspire1 in Tyresta Nationalpark. I’m really happy with this machine, it’s so easy to fly and really stable. Me and Simon have a really nice project in our minds that will become reality in a month or so. I’m busy the rest of this week with a couple of short film projects, check my instagram for more updates!


New vacation video from Tenerife!

Took a week off and went to Tenerife with my girlfriend. Of course I took the a7s and a5100 with me and tried to film as much as possible between all the tan sessions in the sun. We had really nice weather during the week and I filmed a lot of sunsets, as you can see in this little edit. Now it’s back to work mode, have a lot of fun projects coming up in the next two months.


New drone, new camera and FS7 test video

I’m not the best at this blogging thing, but here is a little update. I got my Sony FS7 a couple of days ago and took it for a test this morning. I shot some 50 and 150fps clips of my girlfriend and graded them super fast in Premiere with Film Convert. I’m still learning the camera, how to expose, with our without LUTs and so on. The menu on the FS7 really sucks, so I’m still trying to figuring that one out. I have aslo bought the DJI Inspire 1 and my friend Simon Hastegård who also is a sick still photographer, bought a second controller for the camera. Now we’re going to fly as much as possible so we can deliver some really good video from the sky. You can see our first test flight video on my instagram. The drone is epic and super easy to fly, so I’m super happy with that investment. The Sony FS7 also seems to be a super nice camera. The coming weeks I’m going to have time to test, try and learn my new equipment, stoked on that! A lot of work are coming up in the middle of the month and also a couple of trips in april. I think thats all, for now at least.