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Music video for Bad Snakes

One week ago I filmed a very spontaneous music video for Bad Snakes and their song ”Annie’s sons”. Bad Snakes is a Garage rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. This is their first song, and their first music video ever! I think the future looks bright for this band.


Whats up!

Been a while since I posted something here, but that’s because I’ve been busy working. I have filmed a couple of stuff, for Mazda, Carlsberg and Bad Snakes, to mention a few of them I’ve been working for the last weeks. Bad Snakes is a Garage rock band from Stockholm and they are realeasing their first EP and music video later this week. I’m really stoked on their first Single, ”Annies Sons” and I’ve been doing the music video for the song, online coming sunday! Skateboarding, Superheros and old 8mm filters is some of the things you’re going to see in the video. You can see a short teaser for the video on my instagram!