Monthly Archives: oktober 2014


Autumn days at Torö

The last week I’ve spent a couple of days at Torö outside Stockholm. The weather has been pretty good for surfing and I tried to capture some shots during my time on the island. Windy, rainy, sunny, this week at Torö had all kind of weather and I’m trying to show that in the edit. Maybe it’s not the best riding in the world, but the most important thing is the feeling.


New 3-axis gimbal, CAME 7800 – first test video

So, I’ve been looking for a while now after a 3-axis brushless gimbal and today there are plenty on the market to choose from. I was pretty sure I would buy the Varavon Birdycam, but finally I bought the CAME 7800. Mostly because of the price and that it’s fully built and tuned for smaller camers like the GH4 and A7s.

I recived it a couple of days ago, I mounted and balanced my GH4 with the 12-35 lens and went for my first run with it.

This is the result!

Shot in 15 minutes and edited in 30, so nothing serious really. But I wanted to see how the gimbal performed straight out of the box… I’m very happy with the result!


Short update!

Last week was pretty busy. I filmed a really cool sunset over Stockholm and that shot is going to be futured in a upcoming project I’m working on. Also I filmed some skateboarding with my friend, using the GH4, you can see a short video from that on my instagram. Last thursday I filmed and took some pictures of an event that Pågen/Knut Kommunikation running together.

I january this year me and Simon Hastegård at filmed a music video for Jade Van Didem. The video is now online and you can listen to the song on Spotify or buy it on Itunes. The video is edited buy Purple Vision Pictures.


Djurgården / Quickplay

Djurgården soccer team trying out and training with Quickplay Pro Rebounder.
Made this short little edit for Quickplay, filmed during 30 minutes and footage edited the same day.

Filmed with Panasoninc GH4 and CAME6000 gimbal.