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Official video from Redneck Rumble 2014

This is a short recap from Redneck Rumble 2014 in Malung.

About the event:
After four years of success, we now Redneck Rumble to the next level and move the event to Bodin’s new Freestyle park. There, you can expect an even more spectacular Freestyle Show with Superstar Daniel Bodin and his crazy friends. Check out Redneck Rumbles facebook page


A day at the beach

The last couple of weeks the weather has been really good here in Sweden, super warm and sunny! One of these nice vacation days, me, some of my friends and my sister went to Utö, a small island outside Stcokholm. I took my camera with me and tried to capture some nice moments at the beach..

Camera and lenses: GH4 with James Miller settings, Metabones speed booster and Nikon 50 1,4 and Sigma 18-35.


One minute with Filip Ed

Yesterday I went to Falun and hooked up with Filip Ed, a guy I met last weekend at the Skankaloss festival. He’s a real good skateboarder and we tried to get some nice shots at faluns good skate spots. Today I put the best shots together in this short edit. In the future I’m only going to shot in the cine 4K mode at the GH4, it’s so good that everything else looks not that good at all.


Summer in Dalarna

Now I’ve been in Dalarna for one week and in two days the super event Redneck Rumble will take place in Malung. That’s the reasen I’ve been staying here, I’m going to make the official edit for the event. Stoked on that! You’ll find info about the event here.


Yesterday I went to Leksand to film some timelapse because the weather was great and I was eager to film something. I got one or two good ones I think, so it was worth the trip. I hope I will have time to film and put together another short skate edit before I go back to Stockholm. Time will tell.

twenty good memories

twenty good memories

This is just a couple of shots I filmed during the Skankaloss festival in Gagnef this summer. Most shots are taken with the a6000 and some shots with the GH4. When I look at this video it gives me a lot of nice memories from Skankaloss 2014, by far the best festival in Sweden every year.


New video! Gagnef Downhill & Head to Head Skankaloss 2014

I had an epic weekend. The Skankaloss festival i Gagnef is for sure one of the best things with the summer and this year was no exception. Sunshine, a lot of nice and happy people, good music, the classic competitions ”Head to Head Skankaloss” miniramp battle and Downhill Gagnef. I tried to get some good shots and recreat the atmosphere in this short little edit I made from the competetions.

Sony a6000 test

Sony a6000 auto focus test and Steadymaker 3-axis gimbal test

I went skating with my friends and took my Steadymaker 3-axis gimbal and the Sony a6000 with me. My plan was to try both the autofocus on the a6000 and the Steadymaker gimbal. I hooked up with a nice guy that did some good tricks in front of my lens. The Steadymaker gimbal is’nt a perfect gimbal, not at all. But it’s small, handy, doesn’t cost to much (like 500 USD) and works ok. You can see it’s pretty unstable when you’re moving it around too much. But I tried to add some Warp Stabilzation in Adobe Premiere and it’s looks really nice. The shots in this video is straight from the a6000 with the 16mm pancake lens.
The autofocus on this camera is the sickest I’ve seen and it works super smooth. In this video I’m using the Sony 50mm 1,8 lens. I also like the HD-picture from this camera.

Thanks to my friends who let me film them for this video and to the guy that let me follow him while he was skating.


Photography for Starbucks and their ”Feel good event”

Took some pictures for Starbucks and their ”Feel good event” last friday and saturday. We went to  two well known places here in Stockholm, Medborgarplatsen and Rålambshovsparken. You can see the pics here