Monthly Archives: juni 2014


New vacation video from Gotland

Took a couple of days off and went to Gotland with my girlfriend. Had some great days with sunshine, heavy rain and strong winds, typical Swedish summer. Tried to get some footage and here’s some of the shots put togheter with a nice song. Most pictures are of my girlfriend and a couple of nature/sunset shots as well.


New skateboarding edit – GH4 + Skateboarding = true

I had some time over yesterday so I took my camera and went to the bowl in Kristineberg, Stockholm. It was a really fun session and I tried to use some creative camera movement to spice up the pictures. When I look back at my last ten videos or something I realise I’ve filmed a lot of skate and snowboarding. It feels great because in the end of the day, this is where my heart belongs, and where I started this filming thing.


New edit! Skateboarding + GH4 = true

I went to Högdalen yesterday to try some new settings on my GH4 and also for trying my new motorized slider. It was super nice weather and I filmed some pretty good shots that I’m happy with and I put them togheter this morning. So here is one more short skateboarding edit.