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Came 6000 skateboarding test

I went to Gustavsberg outside Stockholm with my friends for some skateboarding and also for trying out the Came 6000 stabilizer a little bit more. This video is shot with the Came 6000 2-axis gimbal, Panasonic GH3 and the Samyang 7,5mm lens. All the shots is straight from the camera, with some CC of course. I was running during all the shots (wich you can see if you look at the shadow in some clips) and I was using the top handle all the time. I think I’m trying to understad how it works in different situations and what you can do and not do with the stabilizer. And this video looks much better then the first test video I did last weekend.

Music: Ike Quebec – Loie


CAME 6000 – first test

So, I bought this CAME 6000 2-axis brushless gimbal from Ebay, and today I tried it for the first time. Did some filming of my sister and her friend walking towards the subway. This footage is straight from the camera, the camera by the way is the GH3 with 12-35mm lens, autofocus on and lens stabilization on. I don’t think the footage look that good, but in some short parts it looks useful. But I think if I can practice some with the gimbal and also make some post stabilization then it might be a good and useful gimbal.
I’ve already bought a new handle, because this gimbal ships with only a top handle, wich is not good at all. So I’m going to modify my gimbal like this guy did
Looking forward to do some more tests when I’ve modfied it.
If you considering buying it the guys at CAME have alreday made a new version of the gimbal with a real handle and a top handle aswell. Shame I did’nt wait a couple of days buying mine.


Brain science at KTH and New Stabilizer

I went to KTH in Flemingsberg yesterday with mr. Simon Hastegård. We did a interview with a neuroscientist and he spoke about the advantages of wearing a helmet during accidents. I’m going to use the interview in the project I’m doing for Länsförsäkringar. Today i recived my new brushless stabilizer. I’ve tried it for a couple of minutes, and I’m pretty much in love with it already. Really nice and smooth shots even when running with the camera. Hopefully I will have time to try it out for real during the weekend.