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A short trip to Sälen, bad weather and sunshine!

This week started a little hectic with music creation for a video I’m making for Länsförsäkringar. Olle Källman Elm made some really nice tunes for the video and it feels great. The same day I went to Dalarna, the sun was shining and it was pretty warm outside, feels like spring, love it! Yesterday I drove my car to Sälen for some Snowmobile filmning. Turned out really good despite the bad weather and lack of snow. So now I’m almost finished with the video for Länsförsäkringar, have a little bit of editing left and I’ve to film a couple of more shots. This is the first project I’ve filmed with the Black Magic pocket camera only, and I like it a lot, it have done a great job so far!


Some pictures from the last days filming

I have had some busy days i Dalarna lately, here’s som pictures.

Simon Bo Silverdahl


It has become a tradition that every winter season doing a short edit from the super secret ”Stuntlab”. This season is no exception. Simon Bo Silverdahl is putting down 10 tricks in his custom made park during a mellow afternoon in february. Filmed with Black Magic Pocket Camera, Panasonic 12-35 and Samyang 7,5.


NEW EDIT! 10 trick in one hour

So, yesterday I filmed some skateboarding in KFUM-hallen in Borlänge. Jeremias Heikkinen did put down 10 trick in front of my lens and today I’ve put them together to this one minute edit. It’s filmed with the GH3, Panasonic 12-35 and Samyang 7,5. Enjoy!


Skateboard filming in Borlänge

I went to Dalarna this weekend to film some skateboarding for a project I’m working on right now. It was a nice weekend with one car break down, switching cars with my parents and then on my way back to Stockholm I got caught in one of the cameras for speeding. Anyway I got some good footage today, and tomorrow I will drop a short edit with 10 tricks that Jeremias Heikkinen nailed in front of my lens.